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Grass Roots Democracy

John Harris article from the Guardian on the many inspiring examples of grass roots democracy arising lately in the UK.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership

Bristol Green Capital Partnership unites 900+ organisations 'committed to Bristol becoming a sustainable city with a high-quality of life for all.'

Planned Obsolescence

Defy the madness of 'planned obsolescence': iFixit is a free online platform with guides and toolkits for repairing all manner of gadgets.


Timebanking is a system for trading time (instead of money) within a community. Could it work in H&F?

A Cleaner Greener World

The Climate Coalition of many organisations and individuals is calling for a 'greener, cleaner world that works for everyone'. Sign their declaration and support their campaign.

Zero Carbon Housing

Guardian article on a proposed zero carbon housing development in Leeds

York: A Car Free City

Independent article on York city centre following a number of European cities in embracing a car free future.


Possible is a charity working towards a zero carbon society: they do individual, local and systemic actions, all with a can-do attitude. Join them!

Sustrans: Local Communities

Article from Sustrans on how climate action is happening in local communities, i.e. what Imagine2030 is all about.

The Restart Project

Can we fix it? The Restart Project is 'a people-powered social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics'.


The inspirational story of how Preston has emerged from its post-industrial doldrums - through localism. (Cartoon: Mark Long)

Take The Jump: Less Stuff More Joy

We can all make a difference: our lifestyle choices matter. Take the Jump - an online community project - helps you do your bit.

Here are some of the inspiring things happening around the UK

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