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Transport is responsible for more of the UK’s carbon emissions than any other sector - and its share is increasing.

One reason is that motorised traffic has been steadily growing in the UK and in London (see data here). Another is that electric cars are being massively outsold by SUVs, which are more carbon-intensive to manufacture and whose exhaust emissions are 25% more toxic than those of conventional cars. And electric cars are far from zero carbon.

The best solutions to transport’s carbon problem are public transport and active travel: walking and cycling. If people can be incentivised to drive less - and even give up owning a car, then, quite apart from reducing carbon emissions, we would all be healthier, have cleaner air to breathe and enjoy quieter, safer streets.

That’s the Imagine2030 vision: a more-or-less car free borough – enabled by protected cycle lanes; excellent, cheap, clean public transport; and every possible scheme for deterring the use of cars (especially SUVs): from Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to a car free Hammersmith Bridge. These resources provide the facts and arguments for that vision.   

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Friends of the Earth article (Jan. 2021) on the many things that local authorities can do to get people out of their cars.


In November 2020, the government announced a ban on the sale of new petrol/diesel cars by 2030. Climate scientist Kevin Anderson and Dan Calverley are unimpressed.

Cricket in the street.jpg

‘We are not stuck in traffic. We are the traffic.’ Paul Chatterton makes the case for - and paints the picture of - the car-free city. 


The case for electric vehicles 

(Guardian article)


And the case against them ( article)


Article showing how pollution from car tyres and brake pads is far worse than exhaust emissions.


In Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), through traffic is removed or reduced. Here’s the lowdown from London Living Streets. 


Chris Boardman makes the case for councils using LTNs to reclaim residential streets for children.

(Guardian article)


4 minute BBC 'Viewpoint' video by Andrew Simms, arguing that we need to rethink our relationship with the car.


Gear Change, a report produced by the Department for Transport in July 2020, outlines the government’s ‘bold vision for cycling and walking’. Hopefully a game-changer! 


Following protests in Berlin, a 2019 Guardian article asks: should we ban SUVs from cities? 


Top 1% of EU households have carbon footprints 22 times larger than climate targets allow – but the solution is more complex than just getting individuals to fly and drive less…


​​A study finds London is the worst city in Europe for health costs from air pollution...


Active travel campaigner, Sarah Berry, asked London drivers what it would take for them to give up their car: here’s what they said…


Fare City’s excellent website has articles, podcasts and research on sustainable urban transport, including on Hammersmith Bridge. 

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