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Politicians declared a climate and ecological emergency. 

So what are they doing about it?

The easy answer to that question would be ‘not enough – and too slowly’! But let’s accentuate the positives.


So here are Parliament’s 2008 Climate Change Act (amended in 2019), and the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill: a Private Member’s Bill, first presented to Parliament in September 2020, calling for more rapid decarbonisation of the UK and a Citizens’ Assembly to decide how best to achieve it. Andy Slaughter MP has expressed cautious support; Greg Hands MP has declined to do so. Here, too, are key books by Ann Pettifor and Naomi Klein about the Green New Deal - a plan for a government-funded rapid and 'just transition' from a fossil fuel economy to a zero carbon one.

As for LBHF, here you can read about our council’s original declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency (in July 2019) – and find out about the resident-led Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission.

To make radical changes, politicians need our support. Let’s keep pressing our MPs and councillors to act now.

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The Climate Change Act (2008) committed the UK to cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. In 2019, this was amended to being zero carbon by 2050.


The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is an independent public body, formed under the Climate Change Act (2008) to advise the UK and devolved Governments 


The proposed Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill would commit the UK to more urgent emission reductions than ever before. Learn all about it - and how you can support it.


In June 2020, the Committee on Climate Change published 'Reducing UK emissions', its annual progress report to Parliament. Its findings are summarised in this Guardian article. 


Did you know there's an all-party parliamentary group dedicated to the long-term view - on behalf of future generations? You can keep up with their work and attend their events.


Guardian article on how Citizens' Assemblies, a.k.a. 'deliberative democracy', may save a broken parliamentary system.


In Sept. 2020, the UK's first Citizens' Assembly (set up by Parliamentary Select Committees) published its 'path to net zero' report - and it's far bolder than government policy. 


Useful review - by Carbon Brief - of the Climate Assembly's process and report, published in September 2020.


An Extinction Rebellion submission (Oct. 2020) to the Treasury Select Committee on Decarbonisation and Green Finance, calling for the Treasury to be more radical.


On 17 July 2019, LBHF declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency: read about it here.


The resident-led Climate and Ecological Emergency Commission (CEEC) is helping H&F council achieve zero carbon by 2030. Learn about and support their work here.


A guide by Paul Chatterton - author of Unlocking Sustainable Cities - for councils properly to address the Climate and Ecological Emergency.


Friends of the Earth suggest 33 actions for local authorities to take on climate change.


Books by the economist Ann Pettifor and the Canadian journalist-activist, Naomi Klein, each making the case for a Green New Deal.

BJ plan.jpg

In November 2020, Boris Johnson announced a £12 billion 'Ten Point Plan' for a 'green industrial revolution'. Critics say it's not nearly enough. (They're right.)

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