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You don’t need to be an ecologist to realise that our reckless exploitation of the natural world is unsustainable. 

We need urgently to arrest the terrifying decline in the numbers of insects and other wildlife. And restore life to oceans, rivers and soil. And repair the damage done to rainforests and other natural landscapes (including the ‘sheep-wrecked’ desert that is the Lake District).


Here you'll find the ecological crisis spelled out in all its grimness. But you’ll also find inspiring solutions from the likes of George Monbiot, Chris Packham and Charles Eisenstein – and even the management consultants, McKinsey & Co. 

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A UN report – published in May 2020 – found that a million species of animals and plants are threatened with extinction. ‘Transformative actions’ are urgently needed.

Broadcast by the BBC in September 2020, here is the other half of the CEE – the mass extinction unfolding – brilliantly presented and explained by Sir David and a host of scientists.


Wilding is the best-selling book by Isabella Tree, telling the inspiring story of how she and her husband rewilded their farm, Knepp, in Sussex.


George Monbiot’s 2013 book, Feral, lays out the vision for 'rewilding' the UK’s over-farmed landscape and seas. Could parts of H&F be rewilded too?

The Ted talk version of George Monbiot’s book, Feral – it’s had over a million views.


A People’s Manifesto for Wildlife – produced by Chris Packham, Robert Macfarlane and Patrick Barkham - is a work-in-progress: all suggestions from the public welcome!


Charles Eisenstein calls for a profound change in approach to climate change, from obsessing with carbon emissions and renewables to resacrifying the natural world.

11-minute Ted talk on a global project to restore biodiverse forests on a massive scale: not the whole solution to the Climate and Ecological Crisis, but a vital element.


Global management consultancy giants, McKinsey & Co, call for ‘natural capital’ (they mean nature) to be safeguarded for the sake of climate, economies and health.


Guardian article (Aug. 2020) by George Monbiot on how the UK's rivers are being ruined by farming and water companies, while the government turns a blind eye.


Cities need biodiversity as much as the countryside does: 5 ideas for urban greening from a Greentumble article (Jan. 2020)

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change: controversial 2013 Ted talk from the pioneer of rotational grazing, Allan Savory


Rewilding your garden - a.k.a.  'ungardening' - is now a thing: of course, there's a little more to it than putting your feet up and letting nature take its course...

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