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Great things are happening in London...

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15 Minute Paris

The mayor, Anne Hidalgo, is transforming Paris into a '15-minute city'. (Article from Fast Company).

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Rewinding Europe

Rewilding Europe is supporting rewilding projects all across Europe, and a programme to develop nature-based tourism.

Greener Communities

Cool Block is a US program to bring 'blocks' (streets, estates, neighbourhoods) together in making greener communities.

Greening Paris

Also in Paris, citizens are now officially permitted - indeed encouraged - to turn any free plot of urban space green.

Cycling Heaven Seville

A blog explains how Seville in southern Spain has become a city for cyclists

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The 1 Minute City

In Sweden, they're taking the 15-minute city (see Paris above) to the next hyper-local level: the one-minute city.

Car Free Madrid

Madrid closed its centre to cars during Christmas 2018. Business boomed!

People Over Cars

Greenpeace article on 11 places around the world - from Paris to Bogota - that have successfully prioritised people over cars.

No Traffic Accidents?

Oslo in 2019 had zero traffic accident fatalities. Here's how they did it - and what other cities could learn.

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Building Back Better

How Copenhagen, Oakland (California) and Mexico City are building back better post-Covid (Guardian article)

Car Free Barcelona

Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, has announced plans to make most of the city centre car free by 2030.

Grass Roots Democracy

John Harris article from the Guardian on the many inspiring examples of grass roots democracy arising lately in the UK.

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