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Great things are happening in London...

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Choked Up logo.jpg

Choked Up is a new campaign by black and brown teens sick of breathing toxic air from their streets. Join the fight for a clean air law.


Millions of disposable nappies go to landfill every year, and take hundreds of years to break down. Real Nappies for London make the washable option a no-brainer.



Giki...Drivy...Olio...Forest... Time Out recommends 8 apps to help you live your best (green) London life.


Pedal Me is a pedal-powered passenger and cargo service, covering all of London. They can transport families, fridges, furniture - anything. 

School Streets.jpeg

School Streets exclude traffic from outside schools at drop-off and pick-up times. Should your school get one?  

LCP logo.jpg

Parklets are where car parking spaces are used instead for greenery, seating and play: they're popping up in London streets and we love them!

London Car Free Day logo.png

London Car Free Day champions a traffic free city centre and active travel. It supports communities wanting to have their own car free days. 


The Work and Play Scrapstore in Tooting is a treasure trove of waste materials and objects which members can use for non-commercial projects. 


Abundance is a Chiswick charity that harvests surplus fruit, plants orchards, trees and hedgerows, reconnecting people with nature.

Abundance logo.jfif

TerraCycle are a company offering a range of programmes to help you or your workplace to recycle hard-to-recycle waste.



Mums for Lungs campaign for cleaner air in London. Active on social media, they produce great flyers for School Streets and against engine idling.


Talking of's Idling Action London: a campaign to educate drivers out of this vile habit. On the website, you'll find an Idling Action Toolkit.


The charity ECOactive delivers fun, interactive workshops on living sustainably (e.g. creating a community garden) for children and adults alike.


Why buy a rarely-used tool or gadget, when you could borrow it? The Library of Things is in South London. Could you start one in H&F?

LSEN logo.jpg


London Schools Eco Network is a student-led group raising awareness of environmental issues in their school communities and beyond.


ShareWaste connects you with neighbours who compost.

Swap your kitchen scraps for compost - and get to know your neighbours.


Street Trees for Living, an award-winning charity in Lewisham, enables residents to plant and maintain trees in their streets.


Roots and Shoots provides vocational training to young people; its Kennington site is a green, biodiverse space for schools and the community.

car share.jpg


CoMoUK logo.png

Car sharing is fast replacing car ownership, especially in cities. Here's a guide from CoMoUK to car clubs and peer-to-peer car sharing schemes.

LCC logo.jpg

The London Cycling Campaign has 11,000 members; it lobbies for better conditions for cyclists in London. Each borough - inc. LBHF - has its own group.


What If Lambeth is a similar project to Imagine2030 (great minds, eh?), gathering residents' ideas for a 'green, fair and delicious' Lambeth

NO Waste Jose.png

No Waste Jose (see what they did there?) is a new business delivering zero waste refills of everything from olive oil to washing up liquid.

NKCE logo.jfif


North Kensington Community Energy has installed solar panels on schools, community centres, and, most recently, the Westway Sports Centre.

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