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LBHF has declared a climate & ecological emergency. 

Like many other UK councils, it has pledged to be net zero carbon by 2030.

A2 Underpass.jpg

 is it possible? 

 can we do this? 


well .....

So what would a zero carbon Hammersmith & Fulham be like? How can it be achieved? 

Imagine2030 is a forum for exploring these questions.

Want to know more about sustainable economics? Renewable energy?  Better ways of reducing waste? Greener transport? Go to Get Informed for the latest expert thinking in articles, books, films and podcasts.

And what of the exciting projects already happening in London and beyond: from traffic reduction schemes to urban greening? Read all about them in Get Inspired.

Most important, this is a platform to Get Involved. Why not email us your ideas for a cleaner, greener, more sustainable borough: Let's see if we can make them happen!

And register your support for a zero carbon borough: we'll keep you in the loop about any Imagine2030 initiatives.

Together, we can push the council - and ourselves - to do more, do better and do it faster.

We will not share your details. We will only send you emails to keep you informed about Imagine2030. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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