LBHF has declared a climate & ecological emergency. 

Like many other UK councils, it has pledged to be net zero carbon by 2030.

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Launching Imagine2030, we asked: "What would a zero carbon Hammersmith & Fulham be like?".

We're now delighted to announce that our first project gives the young people of the borough a chance to imagine some answers to that question.

In partnership with the H&F Youth Council and the William Morris Society, we're inviting young people to submit artwork in any medium or format they like imagining the Hammersmith & Fulham they want to live in by 2030.

Hopefully you'll hear about the project at your school, youth group or on your social feeds over the next few weeks. Please have a go and encourage any young people you know to do likewise.

The deadline for submissions is 22nd August.


You can download our poster (see below) here. 

The best work will be shown on this website. The very best will be displayed at the William Morris Society and Fulham Palace. 

Interpret the brief any way you like - think big or small, there are no limits: just use your imagination and email your submission to:

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Global Action Plan, an environmental charity, recently announced their Sustainable Cities awards. And the winner of London's Sustainable School of the Year was...Hammersmith Academy!

The judges praised the Academy's 'far-reaching horticulture programme involving the whole school'. The Academy is setting the pace for sustainability in our borough: it recently received a £10,000 grant for a new 'bike library' to help students cycle to school. Well done, one and all!

You can see a short video of the magnificent horticultural work here.


For the whole of May, LBHF council let the grass grow on the verges and in all the parks - for the benefit of wild flowers, bees and other insects. It all looked (and sounded) so much better than the tragic, green carpet of a brutally-mown lawn.

We love NoMowMay. Could NoMowJune be next?

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