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In 1970, Earth Overshoot Day – the day when human consumption exceeds what nature can regenerate in a year – was 29th December. In 2019, it was 29th July. 

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Thanks to Covid, Earth Overshoot Day came later in 2020: on 22nd August. Even so, we are consuming the equivalent of 1.6 Earths every year. Quite simply, we are exhausting our planet’s resources. So here are some introductions to the ‘circular economy’, the ‘zero waste’ lifestyle, and tips on how to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ (in that order) our way out of this mess of waste.


The Ellen Macarthur Foundation champions the ‘circular economy’: the global movement to rethink materials and waste. Videos and podcasts – can be found here. 


Economic anthropologist Jason Hickel brilliantly makes the case for economic degrowth: making and consuming less stuff – and being all the happier for it. 


Guardian article on what happens to all that plastic we send for recycling. The situation isn’t great – but there are some promising schemes afoot to improve matters.


H&F resident, Diana Bailey, researched the options for waste disposal and recycling available to local authorities. Click on the image above to read her report. 

pebblemag2-3.jpg is an online magazine promoting zero waste and ethical lifestyles, e.g. this guide to 9 of the best zero waste online shops. 


Maintain, repair, recycle: article from on the burgeoning movement to address the problem of e-waste by fixing what’s broken…


BBC article on how the EU is bringing in ‘right to repair’ rules for new appliances by 2021. Manufacturers will have to provide 10-year warranties and spare parts.


Blog from the Restart Project (see our Get Inspired page) on how the Right to Repair movement is gathering political support.


Guardian article on 3 ‘zero waste warriors’ – plus tips on how to go zero waste yourself. 


Why own tools that you use once in a blue moon when you could just borrow them? Top tips on how to set up a Library of Things.

Tristram Stuart Ted Talk.jpeg

Tristram Stuart's Ted Talk (2012) on the scandal of global food waste. Tristram later started the Food Waste charity, Feedback.

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