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We need heat and light for our homes and workplaces; but could we manage it without burning fossil fuels?

So who are the best ‘green energy’ suppliers?  Is it worth putting solar panels on your roof?  Or changing your boiler? Should the council be investing in solar schemes? Or micro generation projects, so that our energy came from a local (and therefore more efficient and resilient) source? 

What about our homes? Could a Victorian terraced house be retrofitted, so that it was near zero carbon?

To explore these and other energy-related questions, here’s the latest information that we could find.

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An easy win in reducing your domestic or business carbon footprint is to switch to a green energy supplier: here’s a handy guide on the different options out there.  


In this book, Chris Goodall proposes using hydrogen to fuel our trains, boilers and heavy industry, and electrifying buses, trucks and cars.  


The Renewable Energy Hub gives useful introductions to solar panels, heat pumps, green roofs, LED lighting – and other green energy tech.


How much space will a 100% renewables UK require? Chris Goodall, author of What We Need To Do Now, does the maths… 


Report by Carbon Trust (commissioned by the GLA) into the challenges/opportunities for heat pump and energy efficiency retrofit of London’s building stock. 

In a 7-minute Ted chat, energy experts, John Doerr and Hal Harvey, discuss decarbonising the grid and electrifying everything. It can be done - but will it?

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