LBHF has declared a climate & ecological emergency. 

Like many other UK councils, it has pledged to be net zero carbon by 2030.

One of the steps in achieving this is to reduce car miles across the borough. On 20th November - we held a people's assembly in White City , listening to a panel of experts followed by a Q&A and a discussion leading to some conclusions about the best ways of achieving this. We were joined by:  Caroline Pidgeon (Chair of the Transport Committee at the Greater London Authority), Ian Mudway (a professor at Imperial College), Ruth Fitzharris from Mums For Lungs, Casey Abaraonye from Hammersmith & Fulham Cyclists, and Leo Murray from the climate change campaign group, Possible.

We will be sharing the report in due course and look forward to hosting further meetings. If you'd like any information please get in touch -

Hammersmith bridge visual.jpg

Greetings from Hammersmith 2030

A2 Underpass.jpg

Greetings from Hammersmith 2030


A vision of the future: (lots of green spaces and not many cars) .... thanks to the children at Old Oak Primary School

The first Saturday of September found us in Wormholt Park for the W12Together festival, manning our Imagine2030 stall and chatting to W12 residents about their ideas for a zero carbon borough. It was a wonderful day – we had so many unexpected and inspiring encounters (and lots of new sign-ups to this newsletter) – and it seems that people are more up for radical change than politicians dare believe. People loved our visualisations of a greener Hammersmith Broadway and a car-free Hammersmith Bridge. Indeed, more green spaces and fewer cars (along with affordable housing) were recurring themes of our conversations. 


LBHF published its long-awaited H&F 2030: Climate and Ecological Strategy. It makes all the right noises: ‘ground-breaking and ambitious’ actions (Free secure bicycle parking for all? A community parklets fund?), community ‘wellbeing’, a ‘just transition’, enhanced biodiversity, cleaner air etc etc. It also acknowledges the high cost of decarbonising the borough: an estimated £2 billion. But, of course, the cost of not acting will be many times greater – and, as we never tire of repeating, the rewards of creating a more sustainable community are beyond measure. So, while we wish that the Strategy had more policy detail, we support LBHF in this step in the right direction; now let’s hold the council to account for delivering on the Strategy’s promise! 


One of our borough’s local football teams – QPR – provides a fantastic range of sporting, educational, cultural and social opportunities across 7 London boroughs through its Community Trust, with 90 staff providing around 300 sessions a week. It’s a truly impressive organisation, you can read more here: ( At the end of August Imagine2030 was invited to make a presentation on climate change to the Trust team and to help facilitate a discussion with the staff on how issues connected to climate change might be incorporated into the work they do.  Following the workshops the trust has established a working group to help take the ideas further. We are now involved in a further project with the Trust – watch this space.


25th September saw London’s first ever People Parking Day.  Across the city, people brought chairs, tables and pot plants into the streets, creating ‘parklets’ in order to socialise with their neighbours and send the message that some of London’s 1,000,000+ parking spaces should be for people, not for cars. Several pop-up parklets appeared in H&F – including this one in Kinnear Road W12, by Extinction Rebellion Hammersmith & Fulham, which won the prize for Most Marvellous Parklet:


The judges – from the V&A – commented: ‘A strong community led parklet with a good mix of ages... The costumes and strong colour scheme made us smile. It is the parklet we would most want to visit and spend some time with the bees!’ Well done, XRHF! People Parking Day was an initiative by the London Parklet Campaign, whose aim is to get councils to enable and support permanent community parklets, such as this one in Colvestone Crescent 

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