LBHF has declared a climate & ecological emergency. 

Like many other UK councils, it has pledged to be net zero carbon by 2030.

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Greetings from Hammersmith 2030

some recent local events

reducing car miles?At the end of 2021 we held a people's assembly in White City , listening to a panel of experts followed by a Q&A and a discussion leading to some conclusions about the best ways of achieving this. We were joined by:  Caroline Pidgeon (Chair of the Transport Committee at the Greater London Authority), Ian Mudway (a professor at Imperial College), Ruth Fitzharris from Mums For Lungs, Casey Abaraonye from Hammersmith & Fulham Cyclists, and Leo Murray from the climate change campaign group, Possible.

You can read the report here, we are now planning further meetings in different locations in the borough. If you'd like any information please get in touch -

Wandsworth Bridge Road Spring Fayre for the first time in living memory the road was closed to traffic and we all had the opportunity to shop with dozens of fantastic stalls, food from around the world and a packed line-up on stage with singers, comedians, musicians a jazz band ... and more. There was a fascinating exhibition of Fulham – past and future. and Imagine2030 was there having great conversations with people. More info on the Wandsworth Bridge Road Association here

Could Wandsworth Bridge Road look like this? why not?

We have the imagination .... so what's stopping us?

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greetings from Fulham 2030

Fulham Palace Green Meet A fantastic day out where we had the opportunity to browse the stalls in the green market and discover eco-friendly options from small businesses. Listening to keynote speakers discuss current topics on all things green in the talks tent. Exploring nature and sustainability through tours and demonstrations. More info on Fulham Palace here

Could Eel Brook Common look like this? why not?

We have the imagination .... so what's stopping us?


greetings from Fulham 2030

Fulham Climate Hub We were delighted to be able to support the first Climate Hub meeting in Fulham. This initiative from a local resident and supported by the LBHF Council was really well attended with over 40 local residents coming to join in a discussion about what Climate Change might mean for them and what kinds of things they could do in response. The plan is to make this a regular thing with meetings once a month. Discussions on food, travel, energy efficiency, pollution all to come. 

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Meanwhile, following May's local elections, we have a newly re-elected Labour council for Hammersmith & Fulham, with a healthy majority and a mandate to turn its award-winning Climate and Ecology Strategy into beautiful, transformative action. It now has 4 years to make the hard yards of progress towards its oft-repeated goal of a zero carbon borough by 2030.

The LBHF Strategy has our full support. BUT, as we said when it was first published last year, the Action Plan is worryingly short on detail: clear metrics and precise, short-term deadlines are lacking. Vague verbs like ‘explore’, ‘promote’, ‘develop’ and ‘encourage’ proliferate. 

And what about communication? LBHF’s Engagement and Influence Plan sets this goal: ‘Our residents, communities, and organisations are engaged, educated and empowered to live net-zero carbon lifestyles in an ecologically rich borough.’ Amen to that – but, almost 3 years after the council declared an emergency and made the zero-carbon 2030 pledge, and despite the excellent efforts of the LBHF Climate and Ecology Emergency Unit, what percentage of residents are ‘educated, educated and empowered’ yet? Our many conversations at recent community events, the Green Meet (at Fulham Place) and the Wandsworth Bridge Road Fayre, suggest that most have never even heard of the council’s declaration of an emergency or the 2030 pledge. 

In short, the gap between council rhetoric and action, between pledges and achievements, remains enormous. It’s a familiar Net Zero problem – well explored in this BBC podcast.

None of this is to downplay LBHF’s various excellent initiatives. We love No Mow May. For all its imperfections, we love the new C9 cycle lane in King Street (and soon to include the Broadway). We love the idea of Community Climate Champions (bring them on!). Frankly, we can’t get too excited about the much-trumpeted roll-out of electric car charging points, because, for many reasons, we need fewer cars, not newer cars; but yes, electric cars are obviously better than petrol or diesel ones.  

Still, taking all our council’s efforts together, they’re not nearly enough – and the mighty project of creating a greener, healthier, more delightful borough is not happening with anything like the pace and urgency needed.

Let’s do all we can to change that. Let’s get on our local councillors’ case and let them know that there is popular support for big, radical policies to make H&F truly ‘the UK’s greenest borough’. Let’s have local assemblies – attended by councillors – to engage the public in the problems and the solutions. Let’s make our streets safe for children to walk and cycle to school. Let’s have green spaces in every street. Let’s have community renewable energy projects and public space given over to art, not advertising. Let’s make car sharing and renting the norm, and car ownership the exception. Let’s communicate the vision of a better, fossil fuel-free world.


Car-free ‘superblocks’ are transforming Barcelona. The transition to renewable energy is accelerating in Portugal. And London, whose first School Street was in 2017, now has more than 500 of them (but still none in H&F…).

So we hope you’ll join us – and other like-minded community groups like the Wandsworth Bridge Road Association, XRH&F, Clean School Air, the Fulham Climate Hub and Friends of the Earth – in ensuring that LBHF delivers on its own Strategy. The new council Cabinet Member for the Climate and Ecology Emergency is Wesley Harcourt. We call on Wesley, and on Council Leader Stephen Cowan, to step up to the greatest challenge in the history of humanity. And, of course, let’s keep on stepping up ourselves! 

The next four years are crucial – and despair is not an option.

We reported last month that LBHF had published its H&F 2030: Climate and Ecological Strategy. The borough has been named top council in London for its plan - lets see if they deliver on it.


What that means in practice is  a wide range of initiatives led by the Climate Change Unit - you can see all the details on their website.  Some exciting things including a Library of things where you can borrow tools, a map of the borough highlighting H&Fs repair shops, a scheme to make it cheaper and easier to get solar panels, and many more things. The Council is committed to reducing emissions to zero by 2030, and not just from Council activities - all emissions across the borough. We look forward to seeing that become a reality for all of us.

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So, what could it be like in LBHF? clean air, less congestion, more greenery

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Greetings from Hammersmith 2030