LBHF has declared a climate & ecological emergency. 

Like many other UK councils, it has pledged to be net zero carbon by 2030.

One of the steps in achieving this is to reduce car miles across the borough. At the end of 2021 we held a people's assembly in White City , listening to a panel of experts followed by a Q&A and a discussion leading to some conclusions about the best ways of achieving this. We were joined by:  Caroline Pidgeon (Chair of the Transport Committee at the Greater London Authority), Ian Mudway (a professor at Imperial College), Ruth Fitzharris from Mums For Lungs, Casey Abaraonye from Hammersmith & Fulham Cyclists, and Leo Murray from the climate change campaign group, Possible.

You can read the report here, we are now planning further meetings. If you'd like any information please get in touch -

Hammersmith bridge visual.jpg

Greetings from Hammersmith 2030

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Greetings from Hammersmith 2030

and a couple of recent local events

A fantastic day out where we had the opportunity to browse the stalls in the green market and discover eco-friendly options from small businesses. Listening to keynote speakers discuss current topics on all things green in the talks tent. Exploring nature and sustainability through tours and demonstrations. More info on Fulham Palace here

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for the first time in living memory the road was closed to traffic and we all had the opportunity to shop with dozens of fantastic stalls, food from around the world and a packed line-up on stage with singers, comedians, musicians a jazz band ... and more. There was a fascinating exhibition of Fulham – past and future. and Imagine2030 was there having great conversations with people. More info on the Wandsworth Bridge Road Association here

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greetings from Fulham 2030

Could Wandsworth Bridge Road look like this? why not?

We have the imagination .... so what's stopping us?


In February we were delighted to be able to support the first Climate Hub meeting in Fulham. This initiative from a local resident and supported by the LBHF Council was really well attended with over 40 local residents coming to join in a discussion about what Climate Change might mean for them and what kinds of things they could do in response. The plan is to make this a regular thing with meetings once a month. Discussions on food, travel, energy efficiency, pollution all to come. Put it in your diary ...

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What else has been going on? As a result of our People’s Assembly, a group of Wendell Park residents has started a campaign to persuade LBHF to implement School Streets across the borough. (A School Street is when the street outside a school is closed to through traffic during the school run times, thus creating a safer, cleaner zone for the children at the busy times.) Embarrassingly, LBHF is the only Inner London borough not to have any School Streets: instead it is promising a feeble alternative which it’s (rather cheekily) calling Healthy School Streets, with wider pavements and added greenery, but, crucially, NOT closing the street to cars. It’ll be expensive and look nice, but it will do little to protect children from pollution and little to deter parents from driving their children to school in the first place. So come on, LBHF, and get with the School Streets programme! 

Then, in December, the lovely new bicycle lane in King Street finally opened (albeit with some work still to be done on it). At last it’s possible to cycle in safety from Kew Bridge to Hammersmith Broadway! Inevitably there’s been some noisy whinging on and elsewhere from the minority of car-zealots, enraged at this latest inconvenience. If you agree that enabling children to cycle safely is the ruination of the borough, then you’ll be pleased to know that one of the parties standing in May’s council elections has pledged to rip out the cycle lane forthwith. On the other hand, if you think that clean air, climate and safety should prevail over the Jeremy Clarkson brigade’s toxic sense of entitlement, why not drop Wesley Harcourt (Cabinet Member for the Environment, and your local councillors a line to thank them for the King Street cycle lane! 

In other news, Ikea’s revamp of the King’s Mall shopping centre (new name: Livat) is now open. Ikea talks a very good game on sustainability, but has often been accused of greenwashing. We shall reserve judgement for the moment. What is undeniably excellent news is that Livat will be hosting a new Library of Things, due to open in April: you can find out all about it and sign up here. There are also 2 jobs available at the Library: Local Community Marketer and Thing Technician.

We reported last month that LBHF had published its H&F 2030: Climate and Ecological Strategy. The borough has been named top council in London for its plan - lets see if they deliver on it.


What that means in practice is  a wide range of initiatives led by the Climate Change Unit - you can see all the details on their website.  Some exciting things including a Library of things where you can borrow tools, a map of the borough highlighting H&Fs repair shops, a scheme to make it cheaper and easier to get solar panels, and many more things. The Council is committed to reducing emissions to zero by 2030, and not just from Council activities - all emissions across the borough. We look forward to seeing that become a reality for all of us.

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So, what could it be like in LBHF? clean air, less congestion, more greenery

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At our first meeting we asked the people there what they wanted to imagine .... and we produced some cards with these messages. If you have other dreams why not share them with us - the next version is about to be produced.

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